nicola yuen

The Waitress

Editorial, typography, book cover design
Brief: International Society of Typographic Designers, June 2012

"The Waitress" is a tale by Jack Zipes and has been designed and printed for the International Society of Typographic Designers Competition Brief 2012. The brief was to create a book for the 'new reader' (many people now view their books on digital technologies such as the iPad or the Kindle). The outcome should invest the book with the experimentation of the magazines.

The Waitress is a fairytale. Fairytales are usually spoken word, passed down through generations. The experience is a journey, a quest that is shared with others. This influenced me to create the book in a format that would encourage the 'new reader' to embrace the tactility of the book as a physical object and interact with its printed pages.

The book is concertina folded and folds out so that the story can be laid flat and viewed as a whole. As it is folds out around 2 meteres, it encourages the reader to view it with others. Bodoni is used in different sizes to represent the contrast between delicate Marie and the bold, confident chair, which Marie was born with on her back and the layout and type size reflects movement and volume.

Printed on 120gsm cotton paper with a textured fire red backing paper. The book folds back into a glossy slipcase.